Easter Tea & Chocolate Pairing


Easter Tea & Chocolate Experiment


Who doesn’t love chocolate? And tea! We decided to do a little chocolate pairing at Tea Headquarters in Milwaukee.

We made a trip to Whole Foods and grabbed an assortment of Divine Chocolates for our tea and chocolate tasting session. They use Fairtrade grown cocoa, all natural ingredients without artificial flavors, 100% pure cocoa butter and contain no palm oil or soy. You can use any brands you would like, but thought it might be nice to know what we experimented with. Easter chocolates are abundant this time of year, so pick what you like and go for it.


Here are the results from TeaHQ…

English Breakfast: English Breakfast scored high points with Milk Chocolate. A classic combination.

Earl Grey: The Dark Chocolate was a winner here, bringing out the delicious citrus notes from the tea.

CO2 Decaffeinated: This black tea paired well with the Milk Chocolate With Toffee & Sea Salt. We tasted a subtle sweetness from the tea.

Chai: Chai and White Chocolate was a huge hit. The creamy chocolate balanced the spiciness of the tea.

Green Tea: White Chocolate and Green Tea worked well here. The extra creaminess of the chocolate complemented the grassiness of the tea.

Moroccan Mint: Dark Chocolate With Mint Crisp tasted awesome with the Moroccan Mint. The sweetness of the tea worked wonders with the bitterness of the chocolate.

Jasmine Green: Jasmine Green and White Chocolate paired well together.

So, those are the parings we loved…want to hold your very own Chocolate & Tea Experiment?

Download our handy printable tasting sheet below, gather all of your hungry friends and away you go.

How to: Simply slurp some tea so it sprays into your mouth, then swirl it around your mouth and swallow. Then take a bite of your chocolate. This warms your mouth so the chocolate melts quickly and evenly, so you can savor the combo of the tea and chocolate.


Show us all of the tasting awesomeness by tagging us in a snap of your experiments on Instagram {@brewteacousa}. We'll give you $5 in Brew Coins for your pairing contributions!

Happy tasting!

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