Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift giving loses its luster when you know the gift you are buying is simply fulfilling the obligation to even the gifting scorecard, and not because you have chosen something the receiver will truly enjoy. A gift is a symbol of appreciation. It shows you are grateful for the friendship and the support they are in your life. That gratitude should be expressed genuinely, both in actions and with your gift.

Tea is an awesome present for most, but may not be the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Toddlers prefer toys, though Brew Tea Co boxes are quite colorful and when stacked tall - they make incredible towers {Ha}. That said, pretty much everyone else tea can please. Some people don’t even know they love tea until they have had a proper cup…so you only need to show them. 

Find an awesome tea gift for {almost} everyone on your list…


The Pick & Mix Box

25 individually wrapped tea bags in awesome envelopes. Our range of black tea, green tea and tasty non-tea infusions are all present - perfect for the indecisive drinker. {Remember, our tea bags are made of cornstarch and completely biodegradable.

The One Of Everything Box


10 individually wrapped tea bags in colorful envelopes. Our range of black tea, green tea and tasty non-tea infusions are all in there - a great way to sample the blends. 

Both the Pick & Mix and One of Everything are perfect gifts for host/hostess, teachers, caregivers, the office gift exchange and corporate gifting.

Brew Tea Co USA One Of Everything Box of Tea


The Tea Bag Triple Pack

Whether you want to gift a proper tea sampling spree, or you just think they will like the colorful boxes, this triple pack will be right up your street. Pick three teas, and we'll pack them up cute.

The Tea Bag Triple Pack is an awesome gift for the host/hostess {just ask Red Tricycle}, college students, the in-laws/out-laws, and your best friend who is constantly on-the-go.


The Loose Leaf Triple Pack

If you're thinking, 'I literally can't decide which loose leaf to give them', all's not lost. You can order three loose leaf teas - they are sure to love at least two :) Choose the teas, we'll do the rest.


All The Greens Triple Pack

Drink your greens! This one is a triple pack of our green loose leaf blends: Green Tea, Jasmine Green and Moroccan Mint. 

Get an All The Greens Triple Pack for your yoga loving pal, that friend who needs a push towards a healthy lifestyle, and your nosey neighbor. 

Brew Tea Co USA All The Greens Tea Pack


The Loose Leaf Starter Kit

A great starter kit for the budding teagoer; really, you can't go wrong. This kit includes a 1/4 lb of your choice of tea, a tea pot in whichever color you fancy, and our perfect tea scoop.

Gift The Loose Leaf Starter Kit to your friend who loves tea, but always goes for the tea bags…it’s time they try something new. This set is also a perfect gift for your mom, the boss, a best friend and the dog walker. 


Show Your Bags

100 of our proper tea bags and a matching tea jar to keep them in. Pick any tea you like, and we'll send a jar with the matching label. 

Show Your Bags is a great gift when you know the recipient so well, you know exactly which tea bag to get them 100 of! Maybe it’s a gift for the whole office, your personal assistant, your roommate, or your partner. 


The Whole Hog

Our most comprehensive and customizable gift set: 500 grams of tea, a jar to match, one of our glass tea pots and our perfect tea scoop.

This gift is called the Whole Hog for a reason. It is perfect for your partner, your best friend, the big client, any one you know well and want to impress. 


Tea For Two

Lots of tea, a jar to keep it in, a scoop to serve, and two pots for drinking pleasure {and you can pick any combination you like}.

We love the Tea For Two gift! Give it to a newly married couple for their first holiday, gift it as a housewarming gift, leave it behind for the hosts after you have stayed with them, and maybe even gift it to yourself and your partner.

Brew Tea Co USA Tea For Two


The Brewtime Gift Box 

This gift set includes all our favorite things beautifully gift wrapped…The Pick & Mix Box with 25 assorted tea bags,  a 1/4 lb of Loose Leaf tea, the Perfect Tea Scoop, and our Proper Tea Pot.

The Brewtime Gift Box is perfect for someone who you aren’t quite sure if they love tea brewed loose or in tea bags. It gives them the best of both worlds. 


The Brewtime Gift Card

For The Tricky Ones. You know. The one's that are a little bah-humbug or just like to pick out their own things. 

The Brewtime Gift Card works in a pinch. It fits in a stocking, or can be emailed {just let us know which way you need it}.  It’s great for a teenager, college student or as a last minute gift you need to get out right away!

There you have it, the Brew Tea Co USA Holiday Gift Guide. Hope it helps. 


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