Biodegradable Tea Bags


The 411 on Biodegradable Tea Bags

All Brew Tea Co. tea bags are 100% biodegradable. You can pop them straight in the compost with a clear conscience. If you'd like to know a little more…

What’s the material?
The tea bag material is called SOILON. {Always in block capitals, by the way}. It’s a biodegradable tea bag material made from cornstarch. It works exactly the same way as an ordinary tea bag…except for that it’s awesome.

What’s the best way to dispose of it?

You can dispose of them however you like. But the teabags will degrade quickest if you pop them in the compost heap.

How long does it take to biodegrade?

In compost, your teabags are going to have degraded to nothing-ness in the space of a month. In less favourable conditions, like water, you’re looking at approximately half a year - so stick it in the compost heap will ya?!

What happens to it?
You’ll go from beautiful, silken-like tea bag to nothing but CO2 and water. Like magic.

Will my tea taste funny?
Nope. Your tea is going to taste as awesome as always!


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